My favorite story about Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg was the story she shared about a conversation she had with the principal of her son’s elementary school. When her son was in grade school, Justice Ginsburg would received numerous calls while at work from her son’s teachers with regard to her son’s alleged misbehavior. During one particular call, after staying up all night working the night before, Justice Ginsburg told the principal, “This child has two parents. Please alternate calls. It’s his father’s turn.” After that, the calls miraculously slowed down, presumably because school officials felt that their son’s minor infractions were hardly worth bothering a busy father.

That’s just how Justice Ginsburg was. She demanded equality in her own life and fought for equality in the lives of others. For this, we are forever grateful.

Rest in Power, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg (1933 – 2020).

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